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We Insist! Crude
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April 12, 2004


Crude (2004)

  • Gravity
  • Duel Nausea
  • Dead Gamblers don't have many friends
  • Reliable Shadow
  • Sceptic
  • Skin Suit
  • Beaten Black & Blue
  • Thick
  • Guts
  • Intrusion
  • On the Tightrope
  • Minx

Recorded in live conditions in a short time-frame at high level in the studio Le Triton, "Crude" was mixed at Sriracha Studio from January to February 2004. This third full length record from We Insist! is more direct and aggressive than previous material. No more instrumental tunes can be found here, instead there are vocals everywhere and the songs are sharp and short. A more experimental metal and post-punk project rather than a sometimes jazzy influence, "Crude" is We Insist!'s big turning point.

Etienne Gaillochet: drums and vocals
Julien Allanic: bass
Julien Divisia: guitar and vocals
Eric Martin: guitar
François Wong: saxophones
Cyrille Méchin: saxophones

Recorded & mixed at Le Triton by
Co-produced by Orienté Bancal, Le Triton
Distributed by Muséa