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We Insist! The Babel Inside Was Terrible
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September 14, 2009


The Babel Inside Was Terrible (2009)

  • Déjà Vu
  • Oakleaves
  • Ancient Follies
  • Our Countries
  • Cogent Stories
  • Biting Tongues
  • Efficiency And Bad Habits
  • In A Maze
  • Custom Device
  • Thoughtful Anatomy
  • Dead Dog

After recording 2007's “OH! Things Are So Corruptible” at Black Box Studio with Peter Deimel (Chokebore, The Kills, etc.), this incredibly talented producer once again worked vigourously with We Insist!, recording and mixing the album in just 3 weeks. The final result of this shared labour brings us a tense album slightly on-edge, encompassing more grief and darkness than ever before. All this is blended on a sheerly overwhelming level of musical craftsmanship which leaves you breathless (electric saxophone, experimental effects, keyboards). Highlights on the album really jump out at you like "Oakleaves", while others tracks formed the milestones of live performances from 2009-2013, such as "Custom Device" and "Deja-Vu".

Etienne Gaillochet: drums and vocals
Julien Allanic: bass
Julien Divisia: guitar and vocals
Eric Martin: guitar
François Wong : saxophones

Recorded and mixed by Peter Deimel at Black Box Studio

Released on Exile On Mainstream Records, distributed by Southern and Differ-Ant (France)