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Our friend Bidi is no more…

Bidi Van Drongelen

Bidi Van Drongelen

Hello all,

We heard yesterday that our friend Bidi Van Drongelen has passed away in his sleep at 47. We met Bidi in Belgium in 2004 he basically took our band out of France. He booked us in the Benelux for several years and became a good friend. “Amazing !” became a running joke amongst us and his vague resemblance with Robert Plant was the source of many stupid jokes. He had an incredible energy we thought he’d be the death of us all. He put us in contact with Exile On Mainstream (Andreas Kohl) and we started putting out records and touring in Germany from 2007 up until 2013. We will miss Bidi. And our thoughts go to his close and loved ones.

In Memoriam: Bidi van Drongelen (1969-2017)