“Grinding Down The Pole” live @ La Clef, St Germain en Laye

Excerpt from the last album filmed live at La Clef by Mariexxme with the help of Fab and Clem.

Grinding Down The Pole – WE INSIST!
Live @ La CLEF, St Germain en Lay, January 2015
Cameras: Fab, Clem & Mariexxme
Edit: Mariexxme



photo : Johanne Chabal

We have been playing lots since January 2014. It’s been a year now. But we are still on tour.
Some forthcoming gigs on the tour page and more will be announced soon.
We also updated the photo gallery with new pictures from the 2014 Tour.
See you soon,

NOISE MAGAZINE full album in streaming

We Insist! Noise Magazine

Noise Magazine, Feb 2014

NEW NOISE magazine will publish next week its new edition with a WE INSIST! cover. You will find an interview and a review of the album.

Also available on the NEW NOISE website is the whole album in streaming on Soundcloud.

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Our new self-titled album will be released by VICIOUS CIRCLE (Shannon Wright, Chokebore, Elysian Fields, The Ex, etc…) on February 17th.

You can now listen to the track “My Friend’s Lonely Mate” from our new self-titled album on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

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New album release date

We Insist!

Our long awaited new album is finally scheduled.

It will be release by the excellent independent rock french label: VICIOUS CIRCLE (Shannon Wright, Chokebore, Elysian Fields, The Ex, etc…)

Release date: 17th of February 2014

A French and European tour is in preparation for late Winter and Spring.

Our new booker is LA STATION SERVICE